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Roasted Olives with Citrus and Herbs — this is my go-to appetizer for entertaining.  It’s so easy to have ready in minutes when guests arrive and people are always pleasantly surprised by how delicious something so simple can be.  The heat from the Wood Stone Home oven gives the olives a flavor boost while citrus, herbs and pepper flakes add great aroma and a little kick.  

-Chef Ann

I fry chicken about once a year, often for a casual summer get-together with friends as I did earlier this month serving an all Wood Stone Home oven meal of:

Oven Fried Chicken
Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob
Summer Berry and Nectarine Crisp


Oven Fried ChickenIn the old days I would get out my electric skillets and set up a fry station on the kitchen counter.  Efficient, yes, but I’d also be left with a splattery, greasy mess.  Now any mess is left in the Wood Stone Home oven instead! The heat of the stone hearth keeps the oil up to temperature while the top heat from the dome begins to cook the top side of the chicken as well, sealing in moisture…delicious! Check out the recipe and video of frying chicken the WSH way.



cornSince the oven is already hot, skip the large kettle of boiling water for your corn on the cob and roast it instead.  It’s super easy and also provides a nice smoky flavor as the husks begin to char. My family likes to flavor the butter inside with garlic, Parmesan and fresh thyme leaves.






Summer Berry and Nectarine CrispWarm fruit and crunchy topping make for a delicious summer dessert from the oven.  You can cook this Summer Berry and Nectarine Crisp just inside the doorway if your oven is heated to a high temperature for the rest of your meal.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and enjoy the summer evening.



~Chef Ann












Mar. 302013

Pizza Expo 2013

Pizza Expo 2013

We just returned from Vegas and the wild and wacky event that is Pizza Expo! Wood Stone’s booth was action packed with all manner of aspiring pizzaiolos running in to bake pizzas in our ovens to be entered in the World Pizza Games. It’s no surprise to us that many of the winning pies over the years have been baked in a Wood Stone Oven…the world’s best bake must come from the world’s best stone hearth oven! During calmer moments, Chef Tim, Chef Mike and I turned out some pretty nice pies as well. I shared a couple of favorites from the Wood Stone Home recipe collection.

 – Chef Ann

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