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Dungeness crab has been hard to come by this year, so when I finally decided to splurge on some, I wanted to do something special. In my mind, that of course means using the Wood Stone Home oven. Former Wood Stone Home chef Laura Dewell and I bought some live crabs at Taylor Shellfish in downtown Seattle and headed back to fire up her oven and put our heads together. I’ve always loved the Asian-style wok-roasted crab where live crabs are cut up, cleaned and cracked before roasting so that the meat soaks up all the yummy ginger, garlic, sesame oil and spices as the crab cooks. We weren’t in the mood for live crustacean dismemberment, so we compromised by par cooking them in boiling water for 8 minutes, then cleaning and cracking them. Into a cazuela they went with butter, lots of garlic, shallots, lemon juice, cracked pepper and fresh thyme leaves. We roasted them, covered in the hot Wood Stone for another 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Finger-lickin’ delectable! 

~Chef Ann




Jul. 12015

Tapas Party Videos

It’s the beginning of summer and a great time for casual entertaining and catching up with friends. Choose three or four easy tapas-style appetizers, ask a few friends to drop by, open some wine and gather around the Wood Stone Home oven for a relaxing and delicious evening. With salmon season in full swing, BBQ Spiced Salmon Bites with Chipotle Rémoulade might take center stage. Add in Prosciutto Wrapped Dates filled with Feta and Mint, Roasted Olives with Citrus and Herbs and Oven Roasted Padrón Peppers and you’ve got a party!

Check out our YouTube Playlist of Tapas Videos below:

Be sure to visit the Starters section of our Recipe Collection for other ideas such as crispy Oven-Fried Baby Artichokes, Pimentòn Garlic Shrimp with Orange Oil and Spiced Meatballs in Saffron Garlic Sauce.



whiteClamAndGarlicPizzaA few of us from the Wood Stone team enjoyed a great dinner at Osteria La Madia in Chicago last month which included many mouthwatering dishes out of the Wood Stone Mt Baker 6′ stone hearth oven such as Fire Roasted Suckling Pig and Fire Roasted Crispy Artichokes. It was the pizzas however, which really grabbed our attention.

We’ve all eaten our share of pizza, but agreed that the pies at La Madia all had just the right ingredient combinations and proportions as well as a great bake. I came home and replicated two of them to add to our Wood Stone Home Recipe Section. The classic White Clam and Garlic Pizza gets a twist with the addition of Pecorino, fresh thyme and Fresno chiles. I also made Carbonara Pizza with Home-Cured Pancetta and Cracked Egg inspired by their version with guanciale. Delicious!

Another successful Father’s Day BBQ is in the books!  This year, we hosted our family for a day of swimming and eating, courtesy of Wood Stone Home.  There were ribs, burgers, salmon, dogs, brats, and a myriad of salads; I could feed a small army with my leftovers alone! 

However, you know what I don’t have leftovers of?  The s’mores!  Chef Ann gave me the idea of making these in my Wood Stone Home oven, and now it will be a Bedell BBQ staple.  I just arranged some graham crackers with marshmallows on a sheet tray, put them in the oven for around 30 seconds, and then placed chocolate and another cracker on top of each one.  They were eaten almost as quickly as they cooked!  Well, by everyone but my son who doesn’t like marshmallows.  He had a popsicle.  But that is for a different blog post…

p.s. If you enjoy these s’mores, be sure to check out the S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza and S’mores Calzone for a fun spin on the old camping favorite!

-Chef Lindasmores

cornbreadThis weekend we had some friends over for a Wood Stone BBQ. They had never seen our Wood Stone Home oven in action, and after hearing me singing its praises, wanted to see what it could do. While they were impressed by the pizza and proteins it produced, they were amazed by the simple skillet cornbread that was done in minutes. 

With basic ingredients already in my refrigerator and pantry, I was able to whip this up in about 5 minutes, and it was baked and ready to serve in around 15. Though I like it with corn kernels baked in, my kids prefer it “plain” with a little added sugar; they won this time, but it’s my turn next!

Want to try your own skillet cornbread at home? Use your favorite recipe or branch out and try our Apple Cheddar Cornbread Cobbler.


-Chef Linda Bedell



Many roasted pumpkin recipes have flavor profiles that are a little too sweet for my taste.  I roasted some the other night with Harissa butter and the hot and savory spices were a delicious counterpart to sweetness of the pumpkin.

  • Be sure to use a sugar pumpkin; there are many varieties available in the markets this time of year.
  • Use a shallow baking dish so the heat from all sides of the oven will roast the squash evenly.
  • Cut into wedges, scoop out the seeds and fiber.  Poke all over with a fork so that the topping can penetrate the flesh
  • Mix 1 Tbsp. harissa and 1 tsp. kosher salt with 4 Tbsp. softened butter and spread over the prepared pumpkin.
  • Tent with foil to keep the pumpkin moist.
  • Click here for the full recipe:

~Chef Ann


Nov. 192014

Cookbook Inspiration



I was a bit slow to make it to the Ottolenghi cookbook party, but I’ve been making up for lost time lately by devouring these fantastic cookbooks by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.

  • Ottolenghi is named after his restaurants in London and is packed with vibrant recipes and beautiful photographs which leave you with little doubt as to why they are among the city’s most popular culinary destinations.
  • Jerusalem reads like part history lesson, part travelogue and part recipe collection.
  • Plenty and Plenty More are all about luscious vegetable dishes.

Shakshuka, Burnt Eggplant Salad with Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumber and Burnt Eggplant and Lemon Pickle with Fish Kebabs are  just three of the dishes I’ve been inspired by these books to make using the Wood Stone Home oven .


-Chef Ann

Nov. 182014

Padrón Peppers


I found gorgeous padróns at the farmers’ market last weekend which are hands down one of my favorite foods.  Sweet, grassy, nutty and occasionally spicy, these yummy peppers have been gobbled up in tapas bars in Spain for years.  I have seen them in more and more markets here in the States, and they can also be ordered online through Happy Quail Farms.  Watch this quick video to see what a snap they are to prepare in the Wood Stone Home oven, roast some for yourself ,  pour a glass of chilled Fino sherry and enjoy!

-Chef Ann




Take advantage of the season and bake some fresh halibut fillets to tender perfection in your Wood Stone Home oven to highlight a light summer meal.

  • Ask your fishmonger to cut portions for you of even thickness or cut them yourself from a center cut fillet.
  • Use a shallow baking dish so the heat from all sides of the oven will cook the fish quickly and evenly.
  • Keep the flame height low and tent with foil to protect this delicate fish.
  • Top lightly with pesto, tapenade, chimicurri or your favorite spice rub. Or keep it clean and simple with just lemon infused olive oil and sea salt.
  • Another option: I like to make a quick relish of lemon, olive and herbs which is reminiscent of classic Moroccan preserved lemons.
  • Click here for the full recipe:

~Chef Ann


I fry chicken about once a year, often for a casual summer get-together with friends as I did earlier this month serving an all Wood Stone Home oven meal of:

Oven Fried Chicken
Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob
Summer Berry and Nectarine Crisp


Oven Fried ChickenIn the old days I would get out my electric skillets and set up a fry station on the kitchen counter.  Efficient, yes, but I’d also be left with a splattery, greasy mess.  Now any mess is left in the Wood Stone Home oven instead! The heat of the stone hearth keeps the oil up to temperature while the top heat from the dome begins to cook the top side of the chicken as well, sealing in moisture…delicious! Check out the recipe and video of frying chicken the WSH way.



cornSince the oven is already hot, skip the large kettle of boiling water for your corn on the cob and roast it instead.  It’s super easy and also provides a nice smoky flavor as the husks begin to char. My family likes to flavor the butter inside with garlic, Parmesan and fresh thyme leaves.






Summer Berry and Nectarine CrispWarm fruit and crunchy topping make for a delicious summer dessert from the oven.  You can cook this Summer Berry and Nectarine Crisp just inside the doorway if your oven is heated to a high temperature for the rest of your meal.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and enjoy the summer evening.



~Chef Ann












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