• Romesco Sauce

    Romesco Sauce

    This delicious traditional Spanish condiment is a snap to prepare with a Wood Stone Home oven and a food processor. Serve it with roasted meats, as a topping for flatbreads or alongside grilled vegetables.

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  • Roasted Cherry Sauce

    Roasted Cherry Sauce

    This simple sauce makes a delicious accompaniment to duck or game meats.  It can easily be made in the Wood Stone Home oven in the time it takes for your duck breast or venison steak to rest after roasting.

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  • Oven Roasted Fresh Pizza Sauce

    Oven Roasted Fresh Pizza Sauce

    While we love our classic Wood Stone Pizza Sauce all year round, it’s nice to make a fresh tomato sauce at the height of tomato season. And you can make it while your oven is heating up to pizza temperature.

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  • Baba Ganoush

    Baba Ganoush

    One of our favorite “sauces” for pizza, this also makes a great dip or sandwich filling or topping for escalivada.

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  • Recipe No Image

    Green Goddess Sauce

    A variation on the classic dressing from San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, this sauce is a perfect complement to cold poached salmon or leftover roast chicken.

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  • Recipe No Image

    Caper Aioli

    We created this sauce for our Salade Niçoise but it will work beautifully with any poached fish or with an oven roasted vegetable platter.

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