Daily Oven Operation: Gas-Fired Ovens

IMPORTANT: If at any time you feel that the burner is not operating properly, TURN THE OVEN OFF and call for service. Before servicing, disconnect the electrical supply at the breaker and turn off the gas supply at the appliance’s individual gas shutoff valve. In the event of a power failure, no attempt should be made to operate the oven.  THIS OVEN IS NOT FOR USE WITH SOLID FUEL.

  1. Daily Startup
    Remove Night Doors (MH Ovens ONLY)
    Place optional Heat-Efficiency door in doorway to assist with heat-up time (BH Ovens ONLY)
    Press the ON/OFF button to start the oven. The Radiant Flame will ignite.
    GREEN LIGHT: indicates the system is energized.
    AMBER LIGHT: indicates the pilot flame for the radiant burner is lit.
  2. Turning Off the Oven
    Push the ON/OFF button on the controller to turn the oven off. The burner will go out and the digital readout will go blank.  Always wait 5 minutes before relighting the oven.
  3. Adjusting the Radiant (dome) Flame
    To adjust the radiant flame: The radiant flame is always on (when oven is operating) and can be adjusted to any flame intensity between its highest and lowest setting. Simply turn the flame height control knob located to the lower left of the doorway, beneath the mantle.

NIGHT DOORS: These solid stainless steel night door(s) are used for night time heat retention for our MH ovens ONLY. NEVER operate the oven with door(s) in place.

Mountain Home Night Door

Mountain Home – Mt. Chuckanut 4′ Night Door Shown

HEAT-EFFICIENCY DOORS: These perforated stainless steel night door(s) are designed to help decrease the heat-up time of our BH ovens ONLY.

Bistro Home – Heat-Efficiency Door Shown


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