Oven Cleaning & Maintenance

Oven Interior

Wood Stone recommends the use of a brass bristled brush for sweeping aside excess food particles that will accumulate on the floor of the oven during use. The oven floor can be cleaned with a damp rag. DO NOT USE ICE OR EXCESSIVE WATER ON THE FLOOR; THIS IS TO PREVENT THERMAL SHOCKING OF THE STONE.

There’s a stainless steel burner guard in the Bistro ovens, and a curb in the MS ovens, to prevent food from falling on and thereby obstructing the gas orifices of the radiant flame. If food gets into the radiant flame well and the flame is visibly obstructed, turn the oven off immediately, and call for service.

DO NOT use the radiant burner well as as a dump for debris or trash incineration; make every attempt to keep debris from dropping in to the well.

Oven Exterior

All painted and stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned as necessary using an approved mild detergent, hot water and a soft cloth or sponge. Stubborn residues may be removed using a nonmetallic scouring pad. When scouring stainless steel surfaces, scrub with the grain of the metal to prevent scratching.

Thermal Cleaning– Gas-Fired Oven

If a Wood Stone gas-fired oven is operated at low temperatures (below 450 degrees Fahrenheit), it is possible that grease from food could condense on the walls and ceiling of the oven. To remove the grease that has accumulated on the walls and ceiling of the oven, simply turn the radiant flame to its highest setting. Monitor the floor temperature displayed on the controller. When the floor reaches 650 degrees Fahrenheit, lower the flame slightly so as to maintain the oven floor temperature near 650 degrees for about an hour. Once the oven dome appears clean, allow the oven to return to normal operating temperatures and continue normal operation.

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