Mini-Ligno E Wood Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Wood Stone’s Mini-Ligno E instantly measures the moisture content of any type of wood. Just press the probes into the surface of a piece of wood and the meter automatically displays the percent moisture.  The easy-to-read scale ranges from 6 percent to 36 percent.  An extra (longer) set of probes is included with the meter.  The meter uses one 9Volt battery (good for 5000 readings) and automatically calibrates for decreasing battery voltage.

The meter and the cap are built of high-impact plastic for years of use.  The cap, when placed on the base of the meter, functions as a grip to enable easy insertion of the probes into the wood.  The pocket sized meter measures only 6″ x 3″ x 1″ and weighs 6 ounces. 

Wood that is not properly dried is the most common operational problem with solid-fuel cooking equipment.  The Mini-Ligno E assures that fuel wood has the proper moisture content even before it is unloaded from the truck.

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