Ceramic Log Sets

Ceramic log set

Wood Stone Home gas-fired ovens are designed to provide the same consistent, intense heat as our wood-fired ovens. Now the beauty of a wood-fired stone hearth oven can also be obtained without some of the challenges of using wood as a fuel source.

The ceramic log sets come with a protective stainless steel grate and fit neatly over the radiant burner. When silhouetted by the light of the oven’s bright radiant  flame, the illusion of a real wood fire is created.

These realistic-looking log sets come standard with every Wood Stone Home oven and can also be ordered as an accessory.

  • BH 3030 • 000-3030-LOG
  • BH 4343 • 000-4343-LOG
  • BH 4355 • 000-4343-LOG
  • MH 4 • 000-004-LOG
  • MH 5 • 000-056-LOG

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