Mt. Chuckanut 4’


The Mt. Chuckanut 4’ oven is the smallest of our Mountain Home Ovens. It features a standard door opening 20 inches wide x 10 inches high. The inside diameter of the oven floor is 37 inches, resulting in a 7 square-foot cooking surface.

All Wood Stone Ovens can be installed indoors or out and are listed for residential use. 

This powerful oven can be configured to be wood-fired, gas-fired or a wood/gas combo. If the oven is configured for gas, the Mt. Chuckanut is powered with dual gas sources. The oven is powered by an easily adjustable (68,000 BTU max.) radiant flame gas (RFG) burner located at the rear of the cooking chamber; as well as a (47,000 BTU) thermostatically controlled infrared burner (IR) mounted under the floor of the oven. This dual gas combination facilitates more power and a quicker heat-up time. If gas, the fuel type (natural gas or liquid propane) must be specified at the time of order. The heat distribution in this oven can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of menu items.

The dense, high-temperature ceramic formulation of which the hearth and dome are cast creates a “deep heat sink” within the chamber of the oven. The 650 pound, monolithic, cast-ceramic floor sits on 4 inches of rigid insulation and is poured to a thickness of 4 inches. The 700 pound, monolithic dome is cast to a thickness of 4 inches. The hearth and dome are connected and supported by a carefully tensioned stainless steel exoskeleton, which ensures structural integrity and long life. The body of the oven rests on a 10-gauge steel pan bolted to a heavy-duty, 3 inch angle iron stand. The oven is wrapped with at least 2 inches of spun ceramic fiber insulation and enclosed (top and sides) with 16-gauge galvanized steel. The oven arrives completely assembled and ready to set in place.

The Mt. Chuckanut was designed to easily facade. Wood Stone offers a large selection of facade extensions to assist you with this process. To see a variety of facade options and how facade extensions are used, please visit our Mountain Home facade tutorials. Also be sure to check out our Mountain Home configurations.

Questions? Contact us at: 800- 578-6836 or at

Specs & DWGs

Spec Sheet (.pdf):

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Installation Details

Installation and Operation Manuals

The Mt. Chuckanut 4’ oven comes with a standard galvanized finish. This ovens facades can range from tile, brick, stucco, stone and modern metal fabrications. For more information on facades, visit our Mountain Home facade tutorials.

The oven arrives crated and ready for installation. For more challenging or smaller spaces this oven can be shipped with a an optional rollover cage so it can be removed from its stand. Under NO OTHER circumstances should this oven be tipped or turned on its side.  A rollover cage must be specified at the time of your order.

The Mt. Chuckanut 4' oven vents through an 8” I.D. flue collar located on the ovens roof and should be vented using a grease rated chimney constructed and installed in accordance with all relevant local and national codes. Depending on the installation, an exhaust fan may also be necessary. 

A chimney duct is necessary for venting your oven, whether it is an inside or outside installation. Multiple factors determine the length and number of elbows for the duct.

For outdoor installations, please be aware that our ovens are not water-tight; making roof over-hang or a cover necessary. Some types of facade work can also make the oven weather tight. If you are not using a fan on the end of the chimney duct (outdoor installations only), you will need to install a weather cap to protect the oven from water or debris going down the flue.

For indoor installations, you will need an exhaust fan.

For more detailed information on ventilation and installation, check out our installation solutions.

For more details on installation and operation of the Mt. Chuckanut 4’ oven, including initial start up procedures, please download our Installation and Operation Manual or contact us at: 800- 578-6836 or at

Cooking & Operation

The secret of stone-hearth cooking is the Stone. The single-piece floor and dome of the oven are made from specially formulated high-temperature refractory "stone". Our unique construction method and materials produce a deep heat sink (storage of heat) effect that guarantees consistent floor temperature, ensuring even cooking temperatures and ease of preparations for all your meals.

We know this is the world’s best pizza oven, but can you do more than pizzas? Absolutely! Regardless of the cooking application -- searing/sauté, roasting, braising, baking breads and pastries and baking pizza- it can all be done in the same oven. The heat radiates from all sides retaining the moisture in foods and giving each dish exceptional flavor, color and texture, far beyond the abilities of your standard gas or electric oven.

For recipes and video instruction, visit our recipe section  and video recipe library

Production Capacity

While our ovens cook many menu options, we use pizza as our gauge for oven hearth size comparisons.

Hearth Capacity
8 inch pizzas
10 inch pizzas
12 inch pizzas
16 inch pizzas



Wood Stone offers a wide range of installation accessories and tools to help make your final oven installation and design, attractive and functional, fitting with your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Have questions? Call us at (800) 578-6836 or visit our accessories page.

Fuel Configurations

Wood Stone Fuel Configuration Tool

Gas: RFG-IR: A radiant flame only gas oven utilizing both a radiant flame burner at the back of the oven and an under floor infra-red gas burner to provide tremendous floor capabilities. Can be configured for either natural gas or liquid propane; please specify at the time of your order.

Wood: W: A dry hardwood fire inside the oven provides all the heat needed for heating the stone-hearth.

IR-W: A wood fired oven with the support of the infra-red burner under the floor. This infra-red support will help to start your wood fire as well as facilitate a more consistent and powerful floor temperature while cooking for larger groups and multiple meals in the day.

Combination: RFG-IR-W: A radiant flame gas oven utilizing both a radiant flame burner at the back of the oven and an under floor infra-red gas burner but with the option to burn wood, exclusively or in tandem with the gas. Can be configured for either natural gas or liquid propane; please specify at the time of your order.



Why Wood Stone?

Wood Stone ovens are built differently.  The Bistro Home 3030 is no exception. To learn more about how we build our ovens differently, please review this page.

  • Proprietary Materials and Unique Manufacturing Techniques
    Wood Stone produces highly engineered equipment combined with patented materials and processes to provide the highest quality stone hearth cooking equipment.
  • Reputation
    Wood Stone has over thousands of installations worldwide. Look for Wood Stone ovens at California Pizza Kitchens, Wolfgang Puck Restaurants, Whole Foods Markets and many other commercial food service operations near you.
  • Customer Service
    At Wood Stone, we provide unparalleled service – call anytime and talk to a real person! With Wood Stone you get a lifetime of support, a complimentary cooking class, continuing education newsletters and access to a continually growing library of recipes on our website.
  • Custom Finishing Options
    Wood Stone has a variety of custom finishing options available to help you achieve your design goals. Options include facade extensions, facade-ready attached non-combustible backer board and more.
  • Ease of Use
    All of Wood Stone’s residential ovens are delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Our Bistro Home Line of ovens also comes with a heat-up timer allowing you to program your oven to turn itself on and be ready to cook when you are.

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