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This illustration reflects a Bistro Home 4343 oven but applies to the Bistro Home 3030 as well. Bistro ovens are available in a Stainless Steel (standard) or Factory Prepared for Field Facade Application (Facadable).

Note: Click on the individual graphics for close up views. Please be patient, some graphics have large file sizes.

Figure 1

Step 1. The Base Oven

Figure 1 represents a standard Bistro oven. The Bistro arrives with Stainless Steel front, sides and top, and a black painted stand. Many customers choose to install the oven with this finish as a “stand-alone” unit.

Step 2. Cement Board

Customers seeking a “facaded” look, such as tile or brick, should incorporate a non-combustible underlayment. This can be accomplished one of two ways:


Figure 2

Option 1: Do-It-Yourself.

As referenced in Figure 2, order the Bistro 4343 with Standard Finish and apply Wonderboard, Hardibacker, DUROCK, or equivalently listed non-combustible cement board yourself. Word to the wise: This can be a time consuming adventure since cutting cement board and screwing it to the stainless steel underneath can be difficult. Care must be taken to avoid covering any of the critical access or service points. To avoid these concerns, please consider Option 2 (see below).


Figure 3

Option 2: Order it “Facadable”

As referenced in Figure 3, order the Bistro Factory Prepared for Field Facade Application, or “Facadable”. With this option we apply all the non-combustible board so that when it arrives you and your contractor can focus just on applying your finished surface. The area prepared for facading can be on just the front, or on the sides and or rear as well upon specification.

Step 3. The Finished Product

The facadable Bistro can be finished with any decorative material that can be easily affixed to the wall surface such as tile, stucco, sheet metal, veneer brick etc.
Note: It is necessary for the proper operation of our ovens that the Radiant Flame Control Knob be fully accessible after all finishing is completed. Additionally, the Front Service Panel must be removable to obtain service access and the perforated section of the service panel should be free of obstructions to ensure proper flow of combustion air for the burner.

To see how some other Wood Stone residential customers have finished their ovens, please visit the Photo Gallery.



Option: Top only

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your installation, you may want to only facade the top of your oven. We do offer the Bistro with just the top facade-ready.

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