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Wood Stone’s Mountain Home (MH) Ovens come standard with a Galvanized exterior and stainless steel mantle (pictured at right). The standard unit is intended to be Facaded, but if you prefer not to facade your oven, you can order the unit with any of these custom finishes:

Standard Finish: Galvanized Steel

Stucco Ready

All Wood Stone Mountain Series ovens can be ordered in a “ready-to-stucco” condition. The oven features an expanded metal shell which functions as an anchoring surface for the stucco mix. Before and after are pictured to the right.

Visit our MH Oven Configurator for more information

Custom Metal Finishes

The body of a standard Wood Stone Mountain Series oven is encased on all sides and on top with 16 gauge galvanized steel.

Since the standard enclosure is composed of three pieces, partial custom metal finishes are also an option.

Another option for a Custom Metal Finish is to wrap the lower oven stand in Stainless Steel. This provides a clean finish and allows for easy clean-up around the oven’s base.

Visit our MH Oven Configurator for more information

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