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The Perfect Complement to Artisan Pizza by Wood Stone Home
Bellingham, WA, September, 27, 2013 – Wood Stone Home announces the perfect stone hearth oven for artisan style pizza, the Bistro Home 4343. Delivered fully assembled, the Bistro Home 4343 can be configured to burn gas, wood or a gas/wood combo and can be installed indoors or out. An added bonus: all Wood Stone Home ovens are made in the USA.

The Bistro Home 4343 by Wood Stone is a compact stone hearth oven, cast with a 3-inch thick monolithic stone hearth floor (6.4 square feet of cooking surface) and dome to allow for an even transfer of heat. Bistro Home ovens disassemble and fit through any standard door (32”).

“The Bistro Home 4343 is the perfect size oven, whether you’re feeding a family of four or a group of 40.” – Tim Green, Wood Stone Corporate Chef

Interested in Naples style pizza at home? Our Bistro Home 4343 is designed to achieve the high temperatures necessary for traditional Naples style thin crust pizza. Wood Stone Home ovens are also ideal for cooking anything from proteins to light and airy frittatas.

The fully assembled oven comes standard with a stainless steel mantle, glass heat shield doors, ceramic log set and a programmable heat-up timer. The Bistro Home 4343 is available in a variety of finishes, including the stainless steel (standard) and stucco-ready or facade-ready for stone or tile application.










Wood Stone Corporation, based in Bellingham Washington, has been manufacturing stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment for the foodservice industry since 1990.  Wood Stone equipment is featured in more than 10,000 commercial and residential installations in over 75 countries worldwide. For more information about Wood Stone Home products, please visit our website at: or call 800.578.6836.

Official Release Available on PRWeb: Bistro Home 4343 Stone Hearth Oven

If you happen to travel through Seattle on your way to visit us at the Wood Stone factory in Bellingham, be sure to stop by World Spice Merchants’ fantastic storefront near the famed Pike Place Market. From the moment you walk in the door you’ll be intoxicated by the aromas and sights waiting to be explored. If you aren’t visiting Seattle anytime soon, fear not, as their website is almost as enticing, albeit missing the fragrance.

I went online recently to order some Aleppo pepper, which I use in recipes such as Pizza with Brussels Sprout Leaves, Pancetta, Lemon and Aleppo Pepper, and began browsing the spice blends just for fun. The next thing I know, my virtual shopping cart is overflowing, and in a few days I had to clear actual cupboard space in order to store my treasure trove of delicious, exotic and exceedingly fresh new spices. World Spice offers their blends either ground or whole.

The Ras El Hanout in its whole form is so beautiful combining exotics such as grains of paradise, nigella seeds, long peppers and dried rose petals.

Clearly time to turn on the Wood Stone Home oven. I ground some of the Ras El Hanout and used it in place of the spices listed in Braised Lamb Stew with Autumn Vegetables with delicious results! Next up was Cedar Plank Salmon using the Seattle Salmon Rub followed by Tarragon Roasted Chicken with the Orange Tarragon Blend.

~Chef Ann


Have you been shopping for some practical, yet attractive dishes to complement your versatile Wood Stone Home oven? Look no further than the various claypots sold by Bram! Not only are they fun to look at (we love this Italian Terra Cotta!) but they’re also hefty enough to withstand large-portion cooking as well as the heat of a Wood Stone oven. As Home Chef Ann Rudorf says, “This La Chamba oval baker is the one I use for roast chicken and brussel sprouts, carrots, etc. It’s so pretty with food in it…I really like these traditional Egyptian brams as well.”

Things are heating up faster than ever at Wood Stone Home. Our Bistro Home models now include a Heat-Efficiency Door with purchase. This stainless insert was specially designed to help decrease the heat-up time required to bring your Bistro Home oven up to cooking temperature by nearly 40%! If your oven is the centerpiece for entertaining, this stainless steel accessory can help save both time and energy!

If you purchased your oven prior to the release of the Heat-Efficiency Door, don’t worry; we have options for you. All Bistro Home gas or gas-wood combo ovens can be upgraded to accommodate the new Heat-Efficiency Door. You can purchase the upgrade kit ($500 retail), which includes the parts required for the Heat-Efficiency Door to meet home safety standards, by calling Wood Stone Home at 800-578-6836.

bread bowls

The Pizza Bread Bowl is such a fun trick to have in your Wood Stone Home culinary repertoire.  Simply slide a pizza dough skin onto a pre-heated ceramic dome in your oven which is at pizza temperature (550-580 F.) A little garlic oil and parmesan before it bakes and you’ve got the perfect vessel for a yummy Caesar salad!

I recently made them for my daughter’s 8th grade “graduation” dinner/dance.  The kids loved them!  The slightly fancy factor was there; yet not intimidating to the 14-year-old set who happily gobbled them up.

Call Wood Stone at 360.578.6836 to order your own pizza bread bowl today!

Wood Stone Ceramic Bowl in oven Wood Stone Ceramic Bowl

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