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Nov. 192014

Cookbook Inspiration



I was a bit slow to make it to the Ottolenghi cookbook party, but I’ve been making up for lost time lately by devouring these fantastic cookbooks by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.

  • Ottolenghi is named after his restaurants in London and is packed with vibrant recipes and beautiful photographs which leave you with little doubt as to why they are among the city’s most popular culinary destinations.
  • Jerusalem reads like part history lesson, part travelogue and part recipe collection.
  • Plenty and Plenty More are all about luscious vegetable dishes.

Shakshuka, Burnt Eggplant Salad with Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumber and Burnt Eggplant and Lemon Pickle with Fish Kebabs are  just three of the dishes I’ve been inspired by these books to make using the Wood Stone Home oven .


-Chef Ann

If you happen to travel through Seattle on your way to visit us at the Wood Stone factory in Bellingham, be sure to stop by World Spice Merchants’ fantastic storefront near the famed Pike Place Market. From the moment you walk in the door you’ll be intoxicated by the aromas and sights waiting to be explored. If you aren’t visiting Seattle anytime soon, fear not, as their website is almost as enticing, albeit missing the fragrance.

I went online recently to order some Aleppo pepper, which I use in recipes such as Pizza with Brussels Sprout Leaves, Pancetta, Lemon and Aleppo Pepper, and began browsing the spice blends just for fun. The next thing I know, my virtual shopping cart is overflowing, and in a few days I had to clear actual cupboard space in order to store my treasure trove of delicious, exotic and exceedingly fresh new spices. World Spice offers their blends either ground or whole.

The Ras El Hanout in its whole form is so beautiful combining exotics such as grains of paradise, nigella seeds, long peppers and dried rose petals.

Clearly time to turn on the Wood Stone Home oven. I ground some of the Ras El Hanout and used it in place of the spices listed in Braised Lamb Stew with Autumn Vegetables with delicious results! Next up was Cedar Plank Salmon using the Seattle Salmon Rub followed by Tarragon Roasted Chicken with the Orange Tarragon Blend.

~Chef Ann


Things are heating up faster than ever at Wood Stone Home. Our Bistro Home models now include a Heat-Efficiency Door with purchase. This stainless insert was specially designed to help decrease the heat-up time required to bring your Bistro Home oven up to cooking temperature by nearly 40%! If your oven is the centerpiece for entertaining, this stainless steel accessory can help save both time and energy!

If you purchased your oven prior to the release of the Heat-Efficiency Door, don’t worry; we have options for you. All Bistro Home gas or gas-wood combo ovens can be upgraded to accommodate the new Heat-Efficiency Door. You can purchase the upgrade kit ($500 retail), which includes the parts required for the Heat-Efficiency Door to meet home safety standards, by calling Wood Stone Home at 800-578-6836.

Dec. 112012

Corto Olive Oil



Wood Stone has long used Stanislaus Food Products in the Bellingham Test Kitchen so when the owners, the Cortopassi family, branched out into production of high quality extra virgin olive oil from California’s Central Valley, we were happy to taste the results.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Corto Olive is what we use to finish our Pizza Margherita every time.  A perfect stocking stuffer for the Wood Stone Home oven owner!


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